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Professional Tutor serving Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Salinas, Aromas, Prunedale, and Monterey

kimesMy students live in the North Monterey County, Santa Cruz and San Benito areas. I tutor students who go to charter schools, public schools, and private schools, from kindergarten through high school.

Who needs tutoring? Everyone who is not making straight A's or who is not going to a school that teaches to mastery.

I HATE the way that most schools introduce information and then move on without making sure that students have mastered the information. I have tutored several children who have been passed on from grade to grade without learning much of anything. I had a fifth grade boy that couldn't add zero to another number and get the right answer.

Usually these children decide that they are not smart, but most of these children are smart; they are not learning well because the schools are doing a poor job of teaching them. I had one student who was in danger of being retained in fourth grade, but with tutoring, she got straight A's on several of her report cards in middle school.

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